Welcome to Sickles High School! HOME OF THE GRYPHONS!!!

We are open to any suggestions for games just post on the discussion forum your request.

New Game just added!
Happy Wheels (yes it works.)
Into Space 2

Want to get on Facebook?

Well it's possible even at school.
Download this
Use it and it should get facebook up and running.
It works! I tried it myself and got on facebook, it even allows you to go to any other site

Want PS2, Xbox, N64, DS, and Gamecube Games + More Look Below:

Go here for All downloads:


Here for N64 Emulator

Here for PS2 Emulator

Here for GC/Wii Emulator

Here for Gameboy Emulator

Due to the massive size of PS2 and Xbox files you will need to bring those on a flash drive to play. Otherwise download away the other games.